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($50 Minimum Order For All Meal Prep) 

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(Minimum of $50 order for all Meal Prep)


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Fill out your order form by Saturday 8pm

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    Weekly Meal Prep Menu


    ($7.00-$13.00 Per Plate)


    Minimum $50 order for delivery service

    M#1: Chicken Pastor protein bowl   $10

    Pastor chicken|basmati rice|roasted corn|salvi red beans|Salsa

    350 Calories


    M#2: Salmon and Veggies  $12

    Baked salmon|Roasted tomatoes|Garlic wine sauce|Broccoli |zucchini|onions

    270 Calories

    M#3 Stuffed California Protein Burger $11

    Lean ground Beef |Roasted Poblano|Caramilized onions|Cheese is optional |Roasted Beet chips

    Calories 414

    M# 4 Seared Tuna Salad

    Mixed greens|Sesame citrus soy ginger vinaigrette|Cucumber|Edamame|Red onion

    267 Calories

    M#5:  Shrimp or steak power bowl

    Cucumber|Toomato|arugula|onion citrus|Quinoa

    285 Calories


    M#6  Pumpkin protein doughtnuts $9

    Served with baked cinnamon apple crisp or fresh fruit and turkey bacon

    390 Calories

    M#7  Breakfast Scramble   $9

    Eggs|Spinach|Cherry tomates |Mushrooms|Feta

    Fresh Seasonal fruit

    195 calories


    After completing your order you will receive a confirmation notice with a request to pay an invoice. Your invoice must be paid to recieve your meal prep.